Cottco Specialty Hardware is a stocking supplier of Heavy Duty Hardware used in all applications including OEM, Distribution, On/Off Highway, Marine, Agriculture, Welding & Fabricating, Refrigeration, Food Processing, Aerospace and Military.

Our "Top Shelf" quality products are designed by American Manufacturing Companies such as Polar Hardware, Kason Industries, Premco Mfg, Jamison Door and others. Each offering unique solutions for demanding applications.

With product knowledge and application experience, based on more than 30 years direct association with the manufacturing arena, our salespeople are ready to help you find solid solutions to your specific projects.

Call us Toll Free 877 283 1745 to discuss your specific requirements or visit our product pages for complete product information including schematics, materials and downloads. Cottco University is our knowledge base providing industry updates, terminology, application gallery and much more. We are constantly updating our site with relevant material and welcome any questions or suggestions you may have.  It's no surprise, we've learned a great deal from you - our customer. 

"Whether You Need One or Many - You Deserve Our Reliable Service!"

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