Determining Offset

Determining Flush or Offset Dimensions for Hinges and Locks

Offset is the difference in measure between one mounting surface and another. In most cases, commercial refrigeration & freezer doors are considered offset because the door is closing onto the door frame in order to accommodate a gasket, making the door surface "offset" from the frame surface.

Measuring the correct Offset is imperative because it is a fixed point and not adjustable.


  • This hinge, for example, is OFFSET 3/4". The hinge bracket mounts the frame while the hinge leaf or strap will mount to the door itself. As mentioned above, doors closing against the frame are Offset because the mounting surface of the door is higher than the frame. 
  • Offset is cast into the hinge bracket.
  • Offset is generally available in 1/8" increments up to 4". 
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